Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut Boom!

It’s all over Internet, coconut oil admiration.
A cure for many health issues, a skin-teeth-hair problem solver, inevitable help in the kitchen, can you believe!
I was impressed to say the least as I must admit I love all-in-one solutions. Coconut oil is definitely one of those miraculous ones. A 500 ml raw, virgin, unrefined, cold press and whatever else benefits you can find written on the jar serve my family for about 2 months. That’s including every day skin applying, cooking and using it instead of butter. I also brush my teeth with the oil and my kids take it with some honey when are not well. Here is the results I can share with you: skin is visibly smoother and cleaner. Kids are recovering quite quickly. My gums are not bleeding anymore and teeth look brighter. They were not white before may be one day I will discover a Hollywood smile on my face!

It is important buy only finest organic, raw, extra virgin coconut oil from trusted places.

A few main wonderful facts:

~antibacterial and antiviral effect, as it is rich in lauric and capric acid; those are helping to protect our body from infections;

~stimulates metabolism, helps to burn fat and loos weight, thanks to MCFAs aka medium chain fatty acids;

~boosts us with energy and raise good blood cholesterol because of high content of natural saturated fats in it ( the key word is “natural”, don’t be afraid of  the word “saturated” in this case).

How, Where, Why. Apparently as inside as outside.

In kitchen. Healthy option for frying on it ( although it has a specific but nice coconut odour), using for sandwiches, smoothies and sauces.  And, of course, baking!

Beauty purpose. Amazing for skincare, hair growth, massaging, sun cream, tooth paste.


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