Coconut Oil Benefits

Coconut Boom!

It’s all over Internet, coconut oil admiration.
A cure for many health issues, a skin-teeth-hair problem solver, inevitable help in the kitchen, can you believe!
I was impressed to say the least as I must admit I love all-in-one solutions. Coconut oil is definitely one of those miraculous ones. A 500 ml raw, virgin, unrefined, cold press and whatever else benefits you can find written on the jar serve my family for about 2 months. That’s including every day skin applying, cooking and using it instead of butter. I also brush my teeth with the oil and my kids take it with some honey when are not well. Here is the results I can share with you: skin is visibly smoother and cleaner. Kids are recovering quite quickly. My gums are not bleeding anymore and teeth look brighter. They were not white before may be one day I will discover a Hollywood smile on my face!

A few main wonderful benefits of using coconut oil:

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