About Us

Healita is an online health and well being magazine based in Galway. The purpose of the magazine is to provide a resourse for insightful articles on health. We are not a niche magazine so the areas of topical interest are broader. Topics range from vegan recipes and raw food to remedies and local businesses offering health and well being services and products to the community.

Dear friends,

My name is Yulia Kenneally, I am the Founder of Healita Magazine, where we are going to discuss Natural Health, Beautiful Youth, and Creative Longevity Magazine.

I am not a guru or a teacher, I am one of you, who wants to be healthy without being fully dependant on doctors, or pharma. I believe we have all the rights to do so, and we deserve it! That was the purpose of creating this Venture. I was always wondering why we are getting ill? Somehow deep inside I knew if there is a cause for an illness, then there should be a solution. I also have always had a fear of hospitals. Perhaps that, or maybe something else made me who I am now. An independent researcher for healthy and happy wellbeing.
It has been over 20 years of reading, browsing, and applying on myself some remedies, or rules on natural health, not always and not everything, but I do want to share what I know and what yet to be found out.

I am going to share with you my personal experience of using those natural remedies, trying new and not very new healthy recipes with original photos, kindly taken for us by Michael Kenneally, the talented photographer, and an artist.

You are very welcome to join!

From Yulia
With Love.