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The Best Foods To Reduce Uric Acid

Uric acid is a waste product of our body’s vital activity being eliminated through kidneys or gut. Animal protein-rich food, processed food, sugar, alcohol are high in purine. When our body digests food, purine breaks into urine acid and other waste products. A high level of uric acid leads to kidney stones, arthritis, joint pain, and some other health problems, such as unbalanced metabolism; acidosis, which leads to nausea, headaches, breath shortness, tiredness; skin issues; joint pain; gout; diabetes; kidney diseases; leukemia.

There is a natural solution for solving those problems. Food, made by nature, which helps to reduce uric acid:

  • Broccoli. Rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants
  • Cucumber. A famous natural diuretic, fiber-loaded
  • Cherries. High in anthocyanins
  • Cranberries. Diuretic, anti-inflammatory properties, high in Vitamin C
  • Banana. Rich in potassium
  • Carrot. Antioxidant, fiber-rich
  • Cider Vinegar. An alkaline drink reduces acidity in our body. Some independent researchers claim that cancer cells can’t survive in an alkaline environment
  • Lemon, Celery, Apple. Rich in Vitamin C, fiber.

All those properties are highly beneficial in treating health issues, caused by an excessive amount of uric acid in blood.